1 Apr 2016

It’s time for hugs!

Give us a hug and help us organize Dolphin Day. With your help and the help of Dormeo we will organize Dolphin day in August in Piran to point out the importance of conservation of marine ecosystem and its biodiversity. Slovenian and adjacent waters are home to a small but resident dolphin population. Dolphins are an important part of the marine ecosystem. By efficiently protecting dolphins we can also protect other animals and the environment they live in. The presence of dolphins in this area is threatened by many human impacts such as chemical pollution, noise pollution, heavy boat traffic, unsustainable fishing and the general degradation of the sea and its coast. Fortunately, negative impacts can be substantially reduced by following a few simple rules. The main objective of Dolphin day is raising awareness through different activities, workshops and education, to point out the fact that dolphins live in Slovenian waters and that the sea is worth protecting. 

HOW YOU CAN HELP us raise awareness. The brand Dormeo is carrying out a campaign called “A hug of warmth” which donates funds for good causes. Give us a hug (click) EVERY DAY in April on the website Objem topline (A hug of warmth), and help us to receive a donation for organizing Dolphin day. When visiting the site for the first time and giving the first hug, you will need to register by providing your e-mail address (this procedure is needed only once at the beginning of the voting process - your email won’t be used for any marketing purposes) and click “Podarjam objem” (I give a hug). A hug is successfully registered when the number of votes rises and the number of hugs turns green. If someone else wants to give a hug on the same day from the same computer, you will however need to clear you history/cookies, otherwise a hug will not be submitted. Up to 5 people can vote from the same computer on the same day.

The more hugs we receive, the higher are our chances of receiving a donation. You can make a big difference in making this event possible with only one click a day.

Thank you for your hugs!

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