12 Feb 2020


Morigenos team spent the Slovenian cultural holiday (8th February – Prešeren Day) in the field. On Saturday and Sunday we carried out 155 km of navigation at sea and about 10 hours of land-based observations. On Prešeren Day we encountered two dolphins off Piran. One of them, called Nevio, is well known to us since 2008. The other was recorded for the first time and to commemorate the day, it was named Prešeren, after France Prešeren, Slovenia’s greatest poet.


V društvu Morigenos smo slovenski kulturni praznik preživeli na terenu. V soboto in nedeljo smo opravili 155 km navigacije na morju in okoli 10 ur opazovanj s kopnega, na sam Prešernov dan pa smo pred Piranom srečali tudi dva delfina. Prvega, po imenu Nevio, poznamo že od leta 2008, drugega pa smo srečali prvič. Slednji je ob obeležitvi tega pomembnega praznika dobil ime Prešeren.

15 Jan 2020


Today we had the first dolphin sighting in the new decade! We found a large group of dolphins along the shore of Piran (Slovenia), including mothers with calves. Most of the encountered dolphins are well known to us, as we now know some of them for 19 years. Those of you that adopted the female Moni in the past will be happy to know she was seen today with a calf. Many thanks to fisherman Boris who called us when he spotted dolphins. Such reports are highly valuable to us, as they enable us to collect additional data and therefore gain a better understanding of dolphins in the northern Adriatic. Morigenos carries out dolphin monitoring in the Gulf of Trieste year-round. 

If you spot dolphins in the area, please call us on +386 31 77 10 77, we will be most grateful!