24 Jun 2016

Yesterday, we encountered a well-known group of dolphins off Piran, consisting of several females with newborn calves. One of these females was Moni, first sighted back in 2003. Her tiny baby was swimming alongside its mother somewhat clumsily, which is quite typical for recently born calves. As a reminder, Morigenos has been studying and monitoring this dolphin population along the Slovenian coast, the Gulf of Trieste and Istria since 2002. Identification of individual dolphins allows us to gain a more detailed insight into their lives, so many individuals are well known to us. Such information is vital for long-term and effective conservation of dolphins and their environment. We wish Moni and her calf all the best and hope to see them often in the upcoming months. If you spot dolphins in the Gulf of Trieste, please let us know by calling +386 31 77 10 77!

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