23 Jul 2014

Bomb in Piran Bay

In the last few weeks the media reported extensively on the destruction of the airplane bomb, left from the 2nd World War, lying on the bottom of Piran Bay. The safety of people comes first, so we perfectly understand the need to destroy and remove such a bomb. However, we are naturally worried about the safety of our dolphins. Strong underwater noise can lead to hearing damage, while the explosion itself could represent a direct threat to dolphin lives. That is why Morigenos got in touch with the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief. They took our concerns very seriously and enabled us to take part in the matter. During the operation, Morigenos will be carrying out the monitoring of the area and make sure the explosion does not take place while dolphins are around. Furthermore, due to the presence of sea turtles in the area, we recommended the operation to take place in winter, when sea turtles are absent from the area. Experts for fish recommended the same with regards to several other marine species.

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