1 Dec 2014

Cetacean manual for MPA managers

The Cetacean manual for Marine Protected Area (MPA) managers has been published. The aim of the manual is to provide MPA managers with useful advice for incorporating cetaceans into the management of MPAs. The co-author of the publication and the author of several chapters in it is Tilen Genov from Morigenos. MPAs are an important tool for conserving marine habitats and life within them. The presence of cetaceans in MPAs can increase their visibility and make them more attractive to visitors. On the other hand, MPAs can contribute to a better conservation of cetaceans. The manual, among other things, presents cetacean species that live in the Mediterranean and Black seas, and provides advice on cetacean monitoring, response to strandings, managing interactions between human activities and cetaceans, engaging the public and raising public awareness. The manual was published by ACCOBAMS, MedPAN and UNEP/MAP-RAC/SPA and is freely available at the following link: Cetacean manual for MPA managers.

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