1 Sep 2014

Dolphins joined us on Dolphin Day

The 8th Dolphin Day was organised by Morigenos on Saturday in Piran. This year’s event was a particularly successful one, as our boat trip with a tour boat Solinarka actually involved a large group of dolphins!
Just before the scheduled departure of the tour boat, Morigenos researchers made a quick scan from our land observation point, and quickly located a group of dolphins off Piran. Morigenos crew then headed out to sea with our research boat, soon to be joined by Solinarka and participants of the Dolphin Day. Visitors thus had the opportunity to observe a group of about 30 dolphins. This group included Daphne with her newborn calf, which received its name on this very day - Morigenos, in cooperation with listeners of Radio Capris, named it Capri.

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