22 May 2013

Dolphinaruim-free Europe

Dolphins are intelligent, self-aware beings, living in communities with strong bonds. They have individual signature whistles to call their friends and family, they like to play, hunt and travel together, they mourn their dead, they educate their calves and transmit knowledge across generations. Keeping them in pools to entertain people and making profit is neither educational nor is it saving any dolphin species. Captivity is wrong, as this video shows. 

Free Dolphins Belgium is organizing a demonstration against captivity of cetaceans on 28th of June in Brussels, when European summit will be taking place. The demonstration will start at 15:00 on Place Victor Horta in St Gilles and promote the complete ban of dolphin shows in the European Union. 

15 European countries still have captive whales and dolphins. India recently announced it will ban dolphin parks, let’s step up and make European Union dolphinarium free zone. You can sign the petition here.   

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