17 Apr 2011

Real Way Down

The Morigenos team is currently hosting an international team of two Brits and one Belgian in Morigenos field base this week. The three travellers make up the team (consisting of project manager Matt Sarson, journalist Cindy Cao and videographer Phil Wright) behind the innovative charity project 'The Real Way Down' - a 22 week long car expedition from London to Cape Town, visiting a different charity or NGO in each of the 22 countries on the way.

The 'Real Way Down' is a project from a new development NGO 'Patchwork World'. Filming the entire journey, the project will help to promote each of their partner charities, as well as encouraging increased cooperation between national and local charities on an international level, connecting people through shared passions and problems. The project will explore the existence of hope and positive progression within the charity sector, and explore methods of developing and increasing the efficiency of the sector as a whole.

The 22 charities visited during the 'Real Way Down' will form the foundations of the'Patchwork World' network, which will be developed over the coming years, helping to connect people working towards a better and fairer world.

In Slovenia, the team have chosen to work with Morigenos, and have spent the last five days with us at our base in Lucija and out in the field, in order to understand more about marine biology and conservation. The team will produce a short documentary about the work of Morigenos to be broadcast on TV in the UK and around the world via the internet. We were very happy and honoured to host such an amazing team of very positive, kind and fun people. We wish them a safe and exciting journey and we hope to have them back with us soon!

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