12 Nov 2009

Krilca (Wings) celebrate their second birthday

Krilca (Wings), gifts with magical powers, celebrated their second birthday yesterday, 7th November, 2009. Krilca prove that we can also give presents in a different, original, creative and responsible way. Until today Krilca have made 2835 people happy and have enabled many good deeds for people, animals, the environment and the world.

Krilca are truly magical. Beautiful and useful at the same time, even though they cannot be touched or held. Purchasing Krilca is not just another ordinary shopping, but a good deed that really helps change the world for the better. Our money does not go to a factory but to someone in need.

For their second birthday we really gave Krilca the opportunity to fly: from now on Krilca can also be given as an e-card. You can find all details at www.krilca.si (currently only in Slovene).

The purpose of Krilca is to enable regular income to selected sustainable and socially resposible projects in Slovenia, the countries of the former Yugoslavia and developing countries. Special gifts are delivered for one of many good deeds in the name of a person who receives the present. By buying one of these gifts we can help preserve plant and animal species, reduce poverty in developing countries, fight climate change or simply make an orphan child happy with new sneekers. At the moment you can choose between 42 gifts from different social, evironmental and geographical areas.

Umanotera, Slovenian foundation for sustainable development ensures that the entire money, intended for a certain cause, comes into the right hands. All this is done with the help of partner organisations who carry out these projects. All of them have officially committed themselves to spend the collected money entirely for the project specified in Krilca. Moreover, they prepare regular reports about the funds used, which can be found at www.krilca.si (currently only in Slovene). Morigenos is proud to be a partner to Krilca!

For more information please contact: Gaja Brecelj, gaja@umanotera.org, www.krilca.si, phone: 00386 1 439 4895 or 00386 41 535 947.

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