2 Jun 2014

Meeting of the Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission

Slovenia hosted the 65th meeting of the Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission (IWC), between 12 and 24th May 2014 in Bled. The IWC Scientific Committee is one of the most prominent and respectable international bodies for issues related to whale and dolphin research and conservation. Each year the Scientific Committee reviews the status of populations and new findings in various aspects of cetacean biology and conservation. Its assessments are used to make recommendations to the IWC and its member states. Although some countries (e.g. Norway, Iceland and Japan) hunt whales, most do not agree with commercial or »scientific« whaling, and the IWC also deals with species and topics not directly related to whaling. The meeting was attended by Tilen Genov as the invited expert from Slovenia, presenting the studies and status of the dolphin population along the Slovenian coast and in the northern Adriatic. As part of the excursion organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, the team of Morigenos presented the 12-year work to participants from all over the world. The incredibly positive feedback and compliments from foreign experts provided us with additional motivation for our continued work.

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