3 Jun 2013

Georgios and Armani

In early May, we encountered two previously unknown dolphins in Piran Bay. They spent most of their time feeding, but they also came to swim under our boat a few times. We called them Georgios and Armani. Yesterday we saw them again, this time off Devin (Duino), where they were happily chasing fish and having a bit of fun. They appeared in a good mood and did not mind our presence, as they approached the boat on several occasions. Because they spent most of their time in the same location, we were able to leave the engine turned off most of the time, in order not to produce unnecessary noise. During the encounter, we carefully recorded the duration of each dive and thus obtained three hours of detailed data on their behaviour. There were many small boats in the area and several people stopped to observe the dolphins. We were very glad to see that everyone behaved in a very responsible and respectful manner. They stopped the boats, turned off their engines and observed the animals from a distance. Nobody attempted to aggressively approach the dolphins. When they had enough, they slowly retreated from the area. This allowed dolphins to hunt without disturbance. Even though maritime traffic is a big problem for dolphins, appropriate behaviour can make our waters a nicer place for them. If you spot dolphins in these waters, please call us at +386 31 77 10 77!

A few photos of yesterday's encounter can be found at Latest dolphin sightings.

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