28 Jun 2013

Dolphin in the river

Italian colleagues from Natural Reserve Miramare notified us of a dolphin that entered the river Corno, near Grado in Italy. We responded to the call to assess the situation and observe the animal. The animal is an adult common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus). This species can occasionally be found in rivers. The dolphins usually swim back to sea on their own, so we hope this to be one of such cases. The dolphin is partially emaciated, but otherwise swims normally and appears quite curious. It also appears to be feeding in the river. We made a recommendation to our Italian colleagues that the animal is monitored, but not to try to force the dolphin back to sea. Such attempts are often unsuccessful, while any additional disturbance can cause additional stress to the animal, especially if the causes for its presence in the river are not known. It is also important for the public not to try to feed the animal, as this usually only makes matters worse. We will keep monitoring the situation together with our Italian colleagues.

More photos can be found at Latest dolphin sightings.

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