24 Apr 2013

Students are learning about the ecology of bottlenose dolphins in Slovenian waters

In March and April Morigenos organized a lecture for students about dolphins and practical fieldwork weekends as part of the project »Learning about ecology of bottlenose dolphins in Slovenian waters», supported by The Student organization of the University of Ljubljana (ŠOU). Students gained experience in the work of marine mammal researchers and learned basic research methods through lectures, workshops and practical work from land observation point and boat surveys. Every weekend was full of diverse activities that had strong educational focus. Apart from learning about dolphins, participants got to know more about the life of molluscs on a guided exhibition named Magical world of molluscs, they visited Aquarium Piran and gained knowledge about sea litter problem presented by Slovenian marine litter expert Andreja Palatinus from Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia. 

Some impressions of the participants: 

Research weekend at the sea side was phenomenal, despite not such a perfect weather. Morigenos team is incredible, full of energy, they smile a lot and are always in a good mood. Even though we haven’t seen dolphins, we learned a lot – from methods of field work to photo-identification and about whales and dolphins in general. In addition “outside” lectures were great as well (about marine litter, collection of molluscs). Weekend was very diverse and has ended too quickly. 

Before heading to Piran, I was worried about what we will be doing the whole weekend in rain and fog. In the end the weather was good enough for us to experience field work on boat and saw at least a few jellyfish. I was even more surprised on activities, which filled the foggiest part of the weekend. Thank you Morigenos team, for teaching us so many new and interesting things about whales, dolphins, molluscs and marine litter. Accompanied with good service of coffee, tea, biscuits and Italian Nutella, of course. 

Although without dolphins, it was really great. Great team! I hope I will have the chance to cooperate with them again in the future. I’ll definitely come again! 

Hey, it was great! I really couldn’t imagine time would run out so fast this weekend. Lectures were the most interesting with lots of funny comments – and with that also easier to remember it and learn it. Although we haven’t been able to track down dolphins, we got a good insight into the research work where the atmosphere was very focused and serious. But on the other hand we didn`t miss any fun moments in relaxed atmosphere. With pantomime, social games and anecdotes there was a lot of laughter guaranteed! Team, you’re the coolest! We’ll definitely see each other again! 

Photos: Fieldwork weekends

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