19 Jan 2013

Young female dolphin caught in fishing net

We are very sad to report that a dolphin was caught in a fishing net off the town of Izola, Slovenia, earlier today. A young female got entangled in a fishing net, likely due to inexperience while foraging or playing around it. Unfortunately she died before fishermen came to collect their nets, so they could not help her. We carried out an initial external examination of the dolphin, more will be known after the autopsy. Interactions between dolphins and fisheries are common worldwide. They are often negative for both parties involved. Dolphins may take caught fish from the net and damage the nets, but they can also get entangled and drown. It is therefore important to seek solutions together with the fishermen. In some areas of the world interactions are also positive, where fishermen and dolphins work together to catch fish. Many fishermen are well aware that dolphins are an important part of a healthy ecosystem. Morigenos cooperates closely with several Slovenian fishermen, which often report their dolphin sightings to us. We are very glad that they notified us about the entangled dolphin, rather than discarding it, and thus contributed important information. Even such sad events can provide information that will hopefully enable such cases to be avoided in the future and lead to an improved conservation of dolphins in the long term.

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