29 Jan 2013

Morigenos has new Masters of Research

Tilen Genov and Tina Centrih from Morigenos have recently successfully completed their Master of Research degrees at the University of St Andrews in the United Kingdom. They both graduated with Distinction and received prizes for their thesis presentations. Tilen was awarded a title Master of Research in Marine Mammal Science, while Tina was awarded a title Master of Research in Environmental Biology. Tilen's course was held within the Sea Mammal Research Unit, one of world's leading centres in marine mammal research. 

University of St Andrews, Scotland's first university and the third oldest in English-speaking world, is celebrating it's 600th anniversary in 2013. Due to its teaching and research quality, it is rated as the top Scottish university and one of top universities in the UK. It also has a worldwide reputation and therefore hosts students from all over the world. In its publication “Science sees further”, the Royal Society identified research at University of St Andrews as among the most likely to shape science in the 21st century. The Morigenos team is very proud and congratulates Tina and Tilen for their achievements.

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