7 Nov 2012

Krilca (Wings) spreading happiness for 5 years

Krilca (Wings), gifts with magical powers, are celebrating 5 years today. With Krilca anyone can help change the world for the better. Beautiful and useful at the same time, even tough they can’t be touched or held. With them, you don’t make another ordinary purchase, but do a truly good deed. Money doesn’t go to the factory, but to someone in need. Purchase also doesn’t strain the environment, but makes a child, a dolphin or the community happy. Wings are therefore also excellent business gifts, since one can give an original and responsible gift to business partners. 

Umanotera, Slovenian foundation for sustainable development, ensures that the gift goes to the right hands. Partner organizations of Krilca receive the money to carry out their specified projects. Moreover, they prepare regular reports about the funds used, which can be found at www.krilca.si. Morigenos is one of the proud partners of Krilca. 

It is the right time of the year to become a part of Krilca and give a magical gift. Some gifts will travel far, others will stay in Slovenia. Certain gifts will bring prosperity to people, others will help animals. In any case, your move will bring a lot of happiness.

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