17 May 2011

Morigenos members and dolphin adopters day

Last Saturday, May 7th 2011, we organized a special day for Morigenos members and dolphin adopters. We demonstrated our research procedures, informed them about the latest news of “your and our” dolphins and we all got to know eachother better. Unfortunately we missed dolphins only for one day. We found a dolphin on Sunday morning, swimming next to the oceanographic buoy, exactly where we were sailing the day before. Later on, in the afternoon, we also tracked down a group of 15 dolphins further offshore. Among them we saw Deinon, Amanita, Kai and Daphne with her new calf. Even though we didn’t find any dolphins during our day together, we all spent a nice sunny day in Piran. Thank you for joining us.

On the link below (minute 10:40) you can check out the short news broadcast during the morning TV show Dobro Jutro (in Slovene)

Photo: Brigita Žvokelj, Morigenos member

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