31 Aug 2010

Morigenos and Nature Park Strunjan

Nature Park Strunjan is the only such park in Slovenia that also includes a marine reserve. This is the longest part of natural sea coast in the Gulf of Trieste, with rich bio- and landscape diversity, as well as cultural herritage. Dolphins can often be found there.

Throughout the park it is forbidden to carry out activities that could harm natural resources and the ecological, biotic or cultural value of the park. Greater numbers of violations are caused by increased numbers of vessels and lack of awareness.

Morigenos officially joined the monitoring of the marine reserve of the park, by signing an agreement with the Management body of the Nature Park Strunjan on 17th August 2010 in Strunjan. We will carry out regular surveys with Morigenos boat in order record potential violations at sea or on the shore. By providing leaflets and information we will be informing visitors about the regulations in the park. In cases of serious violations or disregard of the information provided, competent authorities will be informed. The aim of monitoring is also to record the presence of various animal species and other environmental data. The results of monitoring will serve as a baseline for measures to improve the current conservation status of the park.

More about National Park Strunjan at: http://www.parkstrunjan.si/

Photo: Janez Mužič

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