2 Jun 2010

Wounded dolphin

Today, on 2nd June 2010, Morigenos received a report about a wounded dolphin from fishermen and Aquarium Piran. Morigenos team immediately headed out to sea and located the animal. It was a bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) with a large wound on its back. The animal is visibly emaciated and weak. It swam very slowly and mostly remained at the surface. Unfortunately we had to leave the animal due to a storm. If you see a dolphin, please call us at +386 31 77 10 77 and +386 41 981 990. Do not approach the animal because it is in stress. We are currently discussing potential intervention with our colleagues from the University of Trieste and Marine reserve Miramare.

Photos: Wounded dolphin

Photo: Polona Kotnjek / Morigenos

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