12 Jun 2010

Living with the sea

The life and culture of people by the sea, as well as their value system, are different to those lived by the »land« part of the world. The reason is in the sea itself. With it, people have developed specific cooperation, strong bonds and mutual respect. We, people of the sea should be the first in line to preserve and maintain these bonds and this respect, this agreement of mutual understanding and cooperation. Otherwise there will be more and more of those that only view the sea as a place to dump our waste, a large swimming pool or a bussines that ends at the edge of this pool.

We invite you to join us at the »Living with the sea« event, taking place in Piran (Slovenia), at Punta, from June to September, once a month, each second weekend of the month, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from 19:00 hrs onwards. There is no entrance fee!

The idea is not just to entertain you. The idea is for you to better understand the people of Piran, to better understand other people of the sea and to better understand the sea itself. The sea is charming, but also very sensitive and fragile. We believe that this experience can help you respect the sea better and defend it better.

You will be able to not only see, but experience playing »mora« and »briskola«, working with hooks and baits, tying knots, cleaning and preparing mussels and fish, getting to know dolphins of our sea, working with ropes, playing »pandola«, crafting oars and masts, preparing and mending nets and who knows what else.

Today, Saturday 12th June 2010 and tomorrow, Sunday 13th June 2010 Morigenos will be holding a lecture about dolphins in Slovenia. The lecture will start around nightfall. The exact time of the lecture is somewhat flexible.

One night will never be identical to another. The characteristics of the sea culture are also improvization and disagreement with time, as well as sitting and chatting over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine after a hard days work.

The organizer of the event is Mediteranum, institute for revitalization of the Mediterranean culture Piran.

There is no entrance fee. Join us!

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