6 Sep 2009

How you can help our sea

Well, unfortunately, there is no universal or quick recipe for that, how to best help our sea (and the environment in general) to stay healthy, clean and beautiful, in light of everyday threats and negative influences that it faces by us. How to protect is against all the dangers that mostly originate from ourselves.

Marine conservation is a big puzzle, made out of the effort of many individuals and organisations, each working in their own field or geographical area, in their own way. Many activities on some focused issue contribute their share to the whole thing.

Therefore, each and every individual has the power to make a change and to participate in positive changes. We should not be too frustrated by the thought that we cannot fight everyting. We don't have to. In many parts of the world, many individuals and organisations are making an effort and fighting for clean drinking water, a better health care, animal welfare, conservation of certain ecosystems, legal protection of endangered species, secured food resources to those that are hungry, removal of discrimination, women's rights, etc. Each of these things is extremely important and they each contriute their share to the puzzle.

Morigenos tries to contribute its share to the puzzle in various ways. Through scientific research in the field, we try to acquire important information that can show us the status of a certain issue (in particular, the status of a dolphin population in our waters, the quality of the marine ecosystem,...). The results and findings of scientific research are then used for education and public awareness. The same results are also used as a base for advice and consultance to the national and international institutions, which make important decisions (Slovenian Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation, international agreement ACCOBAMS, etc.) and for participation in legislation-making process.

The progress is often slow. But that does not mean it does not exist. Some things cannot be changed overnight. Others can. Among all the negative things we tend to overlook the positive ones. Even though some things are changing for the worse, many are changing for the better. We should not forget that.

We would like to invite you, to contribute to the puzzle. You can help us in one way, or in several ways. Your contribution can be financial, in the form of equipment, in the form of physical help or moral help. It can be information spreading in the »Pass it on!« fashion or it can be a personal decision about a change in a part of your lifestyle.

Collaborate with us! Join us on our Research Camps, adopt a dolphin, report your dolphin sightings (in the Adriatic) to us, spread the word, be optimistic, do not lose your humour, do not visit dolphinariums or amusement parks with other wildlife, do not eat endangered fish species, do not throw rubbish into the sea, consume less water and electricity,...

Some ways of your help can be found here:

Also, visit the page »Morigenos Recommends«, where you can find links to other websites with useful information.

Be a part of the change!

Tilen Genov, Morigenos

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