31 Aug 2012

Common dolphin in Piran Bay

The Morigenos team had another unusual sighting last night. While returning from fieldwork we encountered a short-beaked common dolphin (Delphinus delphis), right in front of the Piran harbour. As mentioned in one of our recent posts, this species has become very rare (despite its name) in the Adriatic Sea in the last thirty years. The dolphin appeared in good condition and was very playful, approaching our boat on several occasions. Based on the natural marks on its dorsal fin we quickly realised that this is not the female we monitored in 2010 and 2011. Instead, it is another dolphin that was initially sighted on the Italian side of the Gulf of Trieste last month. Even though such sightings of single animals do not indicate a return of the species to the Adriatic, we all still wish this was the case. If you happen to spot any dolphins in the northern Adriatic, please report your sightings to +38631771077 or morigenos(at)morigenos.org. Related story: Slovenian and Italian researchers document the longest movement ever recorded in a common dolphin

Photo: Polona Kotnjek, Morigenos

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