15 Jul 2011

Whale in Kvarner

A whale was sighted close to Rijeka yesterday. It was probably a fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus), based on photos, video footage and the fact that this species is present in the Mediterranean Sea. Nevertheless, the possibility of another species is not excluded. In the second half of June, a whale of similar size was also reported off Poreč. Fin whales are common in the Mediterranean and are the only species of baleen whales that are constantly present in this region. Therefore the occurrence of fin whales in the Adriatic is not unusual and we normally record this species almost every year. The last sighting in the Gulf of Trieste was in the end of year 2009. It is very important that we leave such animals in peace and do not try to "help" them or drive them out to open sea. Whales usually find their way in water just fine. However, if something is indeed wrong with them, then additional disturbance is definitely not helpful. If you happen to encounter a whale off Slovenia, please let us know by calling +386 31 77 10 77 or sending an e-mail to morigenos@morigenos.org. Photos or video footage is also very helpful.
Photo: Zvonko Brkljačić, source: novilist.hr

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