23 Sep 2010

International Coast Day

Parties to the Barcelona Convention declared the 25th of September as Coast Day. On this day Slovenia, as a first Mediterranean country, ratified the Protocol of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM). Meeting of Mediterranean countries which signed the mentioned protocol is being organized by the Slovenian Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning on 25th September 2010 in Portorož. As part of the meeting various NGOs will present their work trough different activities at the Bernardin lagoon. Morigenos will set up an information point, present the photo exhibition on bottlenose dolphins and the humpback whale and hold a lecture about life of dolphins and their role in the marine ecosystem. DOPPS (BirdLife Slovenia) will introduce the protected area of Škocjan inlet, Škocjan Caves Park will present their work, while Eco Vitae and Nemo Divers will organize the cleaning of Slovenian coastline (both above water and underwater).

Join us!

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