21 Jul 2010

Successful start of research camps

We are glad to inform you that the beginning of summer research camps has been very successful and encouraging. Despite some bad weather in the first two days we had 9 dolphin encounters. We were following them from the land observation point and from the boat. We recognized many old friends, photographed some new fins and were very happy to see two new calves.

Here are a few impressions by this year’s first participants:

"Dolphins are something indescribable. They show themselves in all their mightiness and glory, and give you a sense of freedom. You experience this feeling every time you see a dorsal fin slowly emerging from the water, shining in all directions. Morigenos enabled me to have this unbelievable experience, which I could not imagine before. The dolphin has always been my symbol and it is most beautiful when you see one in nature. Ten days went by too fast. The team and camp participants were really great. I enjoyed every minute. The sea, the dolphins, wonderful team - unforgettable."

Sabina Vesnič, 17, Slovenia

"Ever since my early childhood it was a dream of mine to see dolphins in their natural environment and help to study and protect them. Here at the Morigenos Summer Dolphin Research Camp this dream came true. I had a deep insight in the activities of a marine mammal researcher and now I'm sure that this is what I want to do after school. Both the team and the participants were very nice, I felt at home at the research camp. The meals were good as well and I would enjoy coming here to the Morigenos Dolphin Research Camps next year again. Thank you for the great time!"

Jasper Moltrecht, 16, Germany

"Words cannot describe everything you see and experience during the research camp. For me, experiences have been exceptional every time I visited the camp. I am now participating for the third year and they will probably see me again next year. In three years I have already seen a lot: big groups of dolphins, calves, turtles (we even rescued one), big jellyfish, dolphins 200 meters away while I was swimming, etc. Because of all the people I spend time with each year, the new people I meet and their attitude towards animals, environment and their way of life, I am changing and becoming a better person every year. They make excellent athmosphere and that alone is well worth coming back to. Not to mention the dolphins and, of course, my favorite Deinon!"

Deina Meglič, 18, Slovenia

Photo: Polona Kotnjek / Morigenos

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